What is this?

Gftbot is a friendly app we made to help you find the perfect gift from thousands of custom-curated, unique products online.*

Who are you?

We’re Fusionary, a digital studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We design and develop all sorts of sites and apps. We’ve been doing this kind of work for a long time now, since 1995 as a matter of fact. If it’s digital, we can bring it to life.

Why did you make this?

Every year around the holidays we like to create something special for our clients and colleagues—an interactive novelty, if you will.

What else have you made?

A lot, actually. Here are just a few of the pretty cool things we’ve done over the years:

That's cool.

Right? If you like gftbot, tell your friends. If you like us, check out more of our work. And if you have an idea you want some help with, get in touch!

Wait a minute, are you just gathering up all my answers and selling them or something?

Not at all. Like our says, we’re just trying to help you find cool gifts for your friends and family.